Lacquered Brass Plaques and Signs, No need to polish

Size: 3x1 inch
Sale price£39.99


Lacquered brass plaques and signs made from 1.5 mm Lacquered brass that has been pre-treated with a layer of hard-wearing lacquer to stop the brass from tarnishing.

These lacquered brass plaques are not highly polished so will not give off reflections as they have a slightly brushed matt finish given to the surface of the

lacquered brass plaques or lacquered brass plaques look very stylish and because they are lacquered they are maintenance-free.

Please bear in mind that lacquered brass is not suitable if it to be placed on a coastal location like on a bench on the promenade because the salt crystals will wear away the lacquer.

They are also not suitable if they are going to be placed on a memorial that is under a tree where the tree sap can fall onto the plaque.

These Lacquered brass plaques are our most popular selling brass plaque because you do not have to polish them regularly to keep them looking good.

They are highly recommended for interior and exterior use where you require a maintenance-free plaque.

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