Jewellers Brass Plaques Custom Engraved

Size: 30mm x 20mm
Sale price£8.99


Jewellers brass plaques

The right plaque can turn the average into the extraordinary. These lacquered bright metal Jewellers Brass Plaques are the ideal signage for paintings, awards, and gifts. These decorative signs capture ambient light and give a high-end finish to your painting or award.

Put one of these timeless Jewellers Brass Plaques under a painting, on an award or use them to show directions for your office visitors. Our laser-sharp engraving will make your message stand out.

What are the Jewellers Brass Plaques options?

Our Nameplates are available in several corner styles: square, rounded and scalloped. We can give you bright gold, brushed gold and brushed silver finishes to meet your requirements. You can choose from an exciting range of fonts for your Jewellers Brass Plaques, including Copperplate, Zapf Chancery, Helvetica and much more. A self-adhesive back makes these decorative gems easy to install. And their quality construction ensures that they will not tarnish with time.

Are you ready to move your office from the mundane to the magnificent? Then why not order some Jewellers Brass Plaques today? You will be glad that you did!

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