Bench Memorial Plaques.

Here at The Engraving Store we produce
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Polished Brass, Lacquered Brass
and exterior grade modified acrylic plastic.

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Engraved Plaques and Signs.

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Office Plaques and Signs

Brass plaques produced to your
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Available in polished brass
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Brass Plaques and Signs, Custom Engraved Plaques in Brass, Plastic, Jewellers Brass and Self adhesive plaques.

Engraving of brass plaques and personalised plastic nameplates Engraving on brass has been used to convey lasting messages and memories since the early times. At the Engraving Store, we have a simple ethos:

  • We uphold our traditions as a family run business
  • We produce the highest quality engraved brass plaques and plates, drawing on 30 years of experience
  • We manufacture to exacting standards to meet the brief of customers
  • We offer free, next day delivery so that you receive your order exactly when you need it.

Brass is beautiful. Brass is timeless.

With the craftsmanship of our engraving technicians and the imagination of our designs, we create bespoke plaques using the latest brass engraving techniques built upon centuries of tradition.

What message does brass convey?

Brass is symbolic. To add a poetic sheen, brass is an amulet that reflects the energy of sunlight with a golden shine. In the bible, brass represents a profound statement, an eternal message.
In the Book of Daniel, we learn of “a kingdom of brass, which shall bear rule over all the earth.” It is for these reasons that brass is chosen to express a message, display significance and reflect in memoriam.

Why choose brass for plaques and plates?

Brass is durable and has an ageless attraction. Brass has been used throughout time to record history and leave a legacy for future generations. Fads and fashions come and go but there is a very good reason why brass engraving has endured since the time of medieval craftsmen.
Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc, both of which do not rust. Brass is malleable and easy to cast. Brass is more durable than bronze. Brass is a soft metal and is easy to cut and etch for engraving which makes it the perfect choice for artists and craftsmen.
Brass plaques, brass plates and brass signs can be provided with a polished or lacquered finish.
A polished finish produces a beautiful sheen with a high gloss appearance. A lacquered finish has a brushed appearance without a reflective effect and such plaques require no maintenance.
Not all brass is alike - know your grades Brass comes in different forms. Some brass performs better indoors and some better outdoors. Brass grade CZ120 is known as Engraving Brass. It is free cutting and because of its inscribable and machining properties, it can be engraved for highly decorative signage.
CZ120 offers the ideal combination of strength and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Traditional uses of this grade of brass include signs, nameplates, commemorative bench plaques, decorative metalwork and clock and instrument casings.

How we engrave brass.

We use a variety of traditional and cutting edge engraving techniques to meet your bespoke requirements with the utmost precision and the cleanest of lines. The colour filling is the term used in the engraving industry to describe a variety of techniques to add colour or contrast to the brass plate. To achieve standout lettering we use oil-based, durable enamel paint, usually black. We engrave to a depth suitable for the size of the characters required. The paint is baked into the surface to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Brass plaques

A brass plaque can mark any occasion and remember any person or event. Because brass is a malleable metal, it can be cut and formed into unique shapes. This makes a brass plaque the perfect choice to recognise awards. Brass plates can be shaped for decorative items too. Brass plaques can be permanently attached to a wood or metal base with adhesive or fixed to surfaces with screws or bolts.

Brass nameplates

An engraved brass sign can be a distinguished first impression at the entrance to your home or business. Companies must display their name at their registered office and at locations at which business is carried out. Brass nameplates are there to be seen and appreciated. Brass, of course, bears the colour gold but without the associated cost of the precious metal. Brass nameplates are often seen outside doctors surgeries, dental practices, legal firms, financial institutions, and for other notable organisations. Charitable organisations also often choose to display their name and registration details on nameplates at their premises.

A brass nameplate can also include information such as company number and the qualifications or registration information of partners, senior staff and memberships of professional bodies.

We can engrave any text you wish, in a variety of fonts. We can also engrave a company, organisation or society logo using the latest technology to inlay the detail. That detail can be continued throughout the premises with brass plates for doors or for nameplates upon desks.

A brass sign can keep to the theme to provide directions within a building or to provide information within a lift. Brass plates for products, appliances and equipment Brass plates exhibit an appearance of quality and high standards when they are used to identify products, appliances and equipment.

A brass plate can be engraved to include important information such as the manufacturer, brand name and other details including model numbers, serial numbers, or other important manufacturing specifications for a product.

Brass plaques for memorial benches are a particularly popular and fitting tribute to people who have passed away.
Individuals and organisations often plant a tree or shrub to commemorate the life of a loved one or someone who made a notable contribution to public life or to an organisation.
A brass plaque on a memorial bench or affixed, or adjacent to a tree, adds to the tribute by including notable details about the person. Often this is a simple and moving point such as why the location was treasured by the person. A very personal note, and tribute to someone, can be achieved by dedicating a garden bench plaque to a loved one. For the person who loved their home and outside space, this is a wonderful memorial piece which can be reflected upon every day.

Brass memorial plaques Alternatively, a brass memorial plaque may be placed upon a house, a building or a structure such as a bridge, a wall or commercial premises to mark a resting place or the location at which someone passed.
We often provide brass memorial plaques to provide a lasting tribute to be located at the spot where someone’s ashes were scattered. This identifies the place at which family members can remember a loved one.

Jewellers brass plaques

Jewellers Brass plaques are ideal as a special gift, award or engraved nameplate on a trophy.
A jewellers brass plaque are also ideal for an addition to artworks to provide a high-quality display including details such as the name of the piece and the artist.
Our jewellers brass plaques with a lacquered finish require no polishing, will not tarnish, and will not crack or deteriorate over time. Brass plaque curiosities Don’t just take our word for it.
Here are some of the most notable brass plaques commissioned to commemorate notable events. In the tiny museum at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, there stands the original brass plaque which was erected to mark the (fictional) first meeting between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson at the hospital’s pathology lab.
The front door to 10 Downing Street is adorned with a brass plaque which reads “First Lord of the Treasury” above the letterbox to Great Britain’s most famous address. In 1805, Admiral Lord Nelson was shot by a French sniper on the quarterdeck of HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar. He would later die from his wounds.
The ship’s carpenter hastily fashioned a brass plaque, engraved with the words “Here Nelson fell” along with the date, and pinned it to the ship’s boards. The small roundel sold for £7,000 at auction in 2008.
For those who hate the idea of polishing We think polishing brass is therapeutic and rewarding. It is a wonderful way to enhance the sheen of a brass plate and display the metal at its very best. It is also a tiny way of showing a little care and devotion, perhaps for someone cherished who has passed. But we also know that not everyone shares this view. And it isn’t always practical, especially for businesses.
That’s why we complete our range of personalised plaques, nameplates and signs with a plastic alternative. We also know that plastic nameplates and plastic plaques can be produced in a much wider set of styles and colour options than brass ones. Nameplates plastic materials offer a low cost and very long life option for businesses and organisations or simply to adorn the entrance to a home or company premises.

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