Brass Plaques made to order made from high quality Brass.

We manufacture our Brass Plaques and Signs with free engraving here in the UK.

Our Brass Engraved Plaques are manufactured from cz120Engravers Brass Sheet with deep engraved and black infilled text. Our plaques made to order are manufactured to the highest standard at our premises here in Norfolk.

We always ensure that the quality of your plaque you receive is second to none and we are certain you will be impressed by our workmanship, and our customer service is also second to none.

If you are looking for a hard wearing Brass Plaque made to order then make us your first choice to complete your project. Our Brass Plaques are manufactured from Polished Brass and Lacquered Brass.

Polished Brass Plaques will as the name suggests require a polish now and then  to keep them looking fresh and shiny. Our Lacquered Brass Plaques are manufactured with a layer of hard exterior lacquer applied to the surface of the plaque and require no polishing, as they do not tarnish.

We have an impeccable reputation here in the UK for supplying excellent quality Brass Plaques and Signs to customers and even other engraving companies.

plaques made to order

If you require a logo on your plaque then we will be happy to help with your request.
If you require a Plaque Made To Order then please get in touch.


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