Lacquered Memorial Bench Plaque

Size: 4 x 2 inch
Sale price£31.98


Cherish and remember the life of someone special to you with our lacquered brass Bench Plaques. Each plaque is customizable, featuring your chosen text and image to perfectly capture the memory of someone you've loved. 

Our plaques bring a sense of closeness, comfort, and closure to difficult losses, and help make any bench or rest area more special. Each is made from durable, high-quality brass and is engraved deeply with blackened text to ensure that your message stands the test of time.

Whether you're looking to memorialize a pet, a relative, or a historical figure, our plaques are sure to make it simple for you to create a space of reflection that's both welcoming and beautiful.

We make it our mission to bring you gorgeous memorial plaques. We've included samples of the images that we can add to your plaque, including hands clasped in prayer, praying angels, and roses. No matter who you're creating a plaque to remember, we're sure to have something to make their memorial special and comforting for loved ones.

Lacquered brass plaques are maintenance-free and will not require polishing as they will not tarnish.

Please Note:  These lacquered brass plaques must not be placed where there are overhanging branches as you will not be able to remove any tree sap that may fall onto the plaque. They are also not suitable for seafront use as the salt crystals in the sea spray will chip away at the lacquer.

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