Brass Plaque Engraved

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Brass Plaque Engraved

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  • Do you require a Brass Plaque Engraving or Brass Name Plate engraving service?

    Brass Plaque Engraved or Brass Name Plate goes a long way when it's required for an office or business and where first impressions count for both you and your company.
    Our brass plaque engraving service offers highly polished and inlaid with black enamel paint, with many fixing options. We have a wide variety of top-drawer Brass Plaque Engraved which can include your company logo and direct your visitors where you want them to go.

    Brass Plaques Engraved are also used for memorial bench plaques, Pet memorial plaques, Door Numbers, Doctors Surgery Signs, Military brass plaque, Name Plaques and so many more uses.
    You can choose from a variety of fonts and, if you would prefer, give us a sample of your desired typeface and our crack design team will replicate it exactly in laser-sharp lines that make your signs seem that they must be made from solid gold.

    Our brass plaque engraving service.

    We will always centralize your Brass Plaque Engraved text to your plaque and size it to fit so you will not receive a plaque with small writing in the middle.

    How to look after your brass plaque

    Questions and Answers.

    Will the text be centralised on my plaque? 
    Can I have certain lines or words in bold?  
    Can I have different fonts on my plaque?

    Ans: Yes to all the above, all you need to do is put any extra instructions in the special instructions box.

    Can I see a preview of the plaque before you make it?

    Ans: Yes you can. There is a box to Highlight that you require proof before production.
    If you say you require a proof then we will design your layout and send you the engraving file for approval before we start your commission. So you will need to keep an eye out on your emails to say any delays in communication and the production of your plaque.

    Can you engrave a logo or design onto a  brass nameplate?

    Ans: Yes. We will need your logo emailed to us as a Pdf file, Ai File or J Peg of high quality. 

    We also have our own graphic designer that could produce your image for you but there will be an additional cost for this if the logo is complex.