Brass Memorial Plaque for Bench, Custom Engraved memorial plaque

Size: 4 x 2 inch
Sale price£22.99


Memorial Plaque for Bench, are a great display of honour and remembrance for your loved ones. Our Memorial Plaque for Bench, are made from the highest quality 1.5mm thick engravers brass and are highly polished each bench plaque can be engraved with any message you would like to display.

Perfect if you are looking to donate a Memorial Plaque for Bench, or Memorial Bench Plaque and need a plaque as a keepsake for a passed love one. It is tough losing someone who means so much to you, and this is a great way to honour them and keep their memories alive with Brass Plaques for Benches, Memorial Bench Plaque and brass bench plaque.

You can honour a cherished friend or family member and write a message about what made them so special, or a fond memory you would like to have live on forever. 

Maintenance of your Memorial Plaque for Bench.

 Your Memorial Plaque for Bench will need to be maintained in order for them to retain their shine over the years. Keep them looking in pristine condition and nice and fresh by giving them a good clean every now and again to restore their lovely golden brass colour of your Memorial Plaque for Bench. 

We also manufacture lacquered brass plaques available which do not need to be polished and will not tarnish if that is something of interest to you! 

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